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Focused on what matters most, Yakima's mission is to get you and your friends to the places where lifetime memories are made. The company began when Steve Cole and Don Banducci purchased a small machine shop in Yakima, Washington. Both men were avid kayakers and cyclists who loved to take trips into the outdoors, but often faced the challenge of transporting their bikes, watercraft, and friends to the places they wanted to visit. So their vision with Yakima products was to create simple and effective ways to travel with their outdoor equipment.


And that is exactly what they did. Today Yakima is a go-to choice for roof racks, bike racks, and everything transportation. Each part used in Yakima systems is made with extremely high-quality materials and is built to keep your gear safe, no matter where your journey takes you. They have the perfect solution for transporting kayaks, bikes, skis, snowboards, and more available in both Yakima roof racks and Yakima tail racks. Their systems are simple and easy to use, and they have produced excellent Yakima instructional videos on how to install almost every product they carry. Anyone can find the perfect solution for transporting their outdoor equipment with Yakima.


Many of us at OutlandUSA.com are avid bikers, skiers, kayakers, and everything in between. Yakima is one of our most trusted brands when on the road, and we love the extremely high quality make and design of their racks. It is little surprise that on craigslist Yakima is one of the most resold brands on the market; with proper care their products can really last a long time. That being said, you really cant go wrong with the authentic quality of a new Yakima rack. When you're ready to upgrade to one of the best, check us out.  Questions about which Yakima solution will work with your vehicle or situation? Feel free to reach out to us with questions, or check the FAQ bellow.

Yakima - Take It Easy

A short lifestyle piece on what Yakima is all about: getting you to the places where memories are made.  

 Questions & Tips

Q: I see a lot of used Yakima racks for sale online, why should I buy new?
On sites like Craigslist Yakima racks are some of the most popularly resold items, and this is simply because Yakima racks can lasts a long time if properly maintained. While we would obviously prefer that you purchase a new rack from OutlandUSA.com, used Yakima racks are still built using quality materials and may be great for your needs. Just be careful though, Craigslist Yakima racks may lack certain parts, keys, or locks. And if they are not properly maintained, racks and ties could break in-transit and damage or lose your equipment. 
Q: I lost my keys, what do I do?

Do not attempt to drill out your locks, doing so will likely damage your product and will void your warranty.

If you registered your key code as part of a warranty registration, call Yakima Consumer Service directly at 888-925-4621. They can look up your key code and you can place an order for new keys at the same time.

If you didn't register your code, it is a bit more complex, please reach out to us and we can direct you on a case-by-case basis. 

Q: How do I install my specific Yakima Product?
Yakima has produced instructional videos on how to install nearly all of their products. You can view them all here.
Q: Can I take my roof rack through an automatic car wash?

Do not take your rack through an automatic car wash. Parts of the car wash brush system can snag on your rack causing damage to your rack, vehicle, and the car wash. 

If your rack system uses Landing Pads you can leave them  on the vehicle.  We do suggest that you leave the Landing Pad covers off as they can be knocked off by the car wash.

We recommend hand washing your rack with mild detergent, free of any solvents (petroleum or natural) as they may damage the plastics used on the rack.

After washing and before reinstalling your rack take a moment to do the following;

1. Inspect the rack for damage and wear, replace worn or damaged parts

2. Check that all fasteners are tight

3. Re-lube threaded parts with either white lithium grease, or a water proof grease.  For parts that pivot using a non-petroleum based oil such as Tri-Flow will help keep things moving freely

Q: I have a bike with a carbon fiber frame, can I use a rooftop car mount?

In general  any mount that doesn't clamp the bike by the frame will work for a carbon frame.  Frames to avoid: Raptor and Raptor Aero. 

Yakima Warranty

For non-warranty exchanges and returns, please see our policy here.

Yakima offers a Limited Warranty on its products.

This limited warranty covers Yakima-brand products and rack components manufactured by Yakima Products, Inc. (Yakima) for the benefit of the original retail purchaser (original purchaser) for the time periods specified below.

This warranty terminates when the original purchaser sells or otherwise transfers the product to any other person.

Subject to Yakimas inspection of the product, Yakima will remedy defects in materials and/or workmanship by repairing or replacing, at Yakimas option, the defective product without charge for parts or labor, subject to the limitations and exclusions described in this warranty. Yakima may elect, at its option, not to repair or replace a defective product, in which case Yakima will issue to the original purchaser, at Yakimas option, either a refund equal to the purchase price paid for the product, or a credit to be used toward the purchase of new Yakima products or rack components.

This warranty does not cover problems caused by normal wear and tear (including, but not limited to, scratches, dents, tears, or aesthetic oxidation of surfaces, or natural breakdown of colors and materials over extended time and use), commercial use, accidents, unlawful vehicle operation, or modifications or repairs not performed or authorized by Yakima. In addition, this warranty does not cover problems resulting from conditions beyond Yakimas control including, but not limited to, theft, misuse, overloading, or failure to assemble, mount or use the product in accordance with Yakimas written instructions or guidelines included with the product or made available to the original purchaser.

This Yakima warranty does not cover any damage to non-Yakima products transported using Yakima products or used in conjunction with Yakima products.

If a product is believed to be defective, the original purchaser should contact OutlandUSA, who will give the original purchaser instructions on how to proceed.