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Stetson: The Original Cowboy Since 1865, Authentically American

A true timeless classic, Stetson has been an authentic American icon for over 150 years. According to legend, John B. Stetson created his first hat on a goldmining trip in Colorado in the mid 1800s out of a felted beaver pelt. The hat's wide brim kept the sun off his face, while the high crown left a cooling pocket of air. A passing cowboy heading westward saw Stetson's hat and bought it off him for a gold five dollar coin. 

And so the first ever cowboy hat was born. In 1865, using his original hat as inspiration, Stetson began producing exceptional quality hats in his iconic style, and they would grow to become a symbol of Western American tradition. 

That same tradition has continued through the years, and today Stetson hats embody the very same authenticity. A Stetson is not just any cowboy hat, it's the cowboy hat. 

Each hat is still crafted in virtually the same way and with the same materials as they have always been, with every single piece, seam, and buckle being of the absolute highest craftsmanship. The result is that a Stetson cowboy hat, like the Stetson Oak Ridge or the Stetson Catera, can last for years, or even a lifetime.

 At we love their iconic look and feel. We often find that people who think cowboy hats look cheesy or goofy are amazed by how downright cool they look in a real Stetson hat. Be sure to try one on some time, you might besurprised how much you enjoy wearing an authentic piece of Americans western tradition.

How to determine your Stetson hat size

Your hat should look and feel like it was made just for you. Comfort is key. It should be reasonably snug so that a light wind cant blow it off of your head, but it should not be so tight as to cause discomfort or distraction. 

 Questions & Tips

Q: How do I clean and care for my fur felt hat?

Store your felt hat upside down on its crown, on a clean surface or in a hat box to keep the brim from flattening out.

Remove dust and loose dirt with a soft brush, starting at the left side of the hat and brushing counter-clockwise.

Avoid exposing your hat to the heat from stoves, radiators, lamps, car windows and enclosed cars in the summer. The combination of the heat and perspiration will shrink the sweatband.

*** If your hat gets wet, shake off the excess water, and turn down the self-conforming leather sweatband. This will allow the hat to dry naturally.
While the hat is wet, dont let the brim touch the surface and dont place it near heat. Heat can reactivate the felting process and cause shrinkage.

To keep perspiration from penetrating the fur felt, occasionally turn down the leather sweatband so it can dry out. -Should your hat, (if it is light colored) become spotted with water or grease, you can clean it with a little baby talc or corn starch - not liquid cleanser, please!

To put on or remove your hat, hold the brim in front and back, handle the crown as little as possible.

Your hat will last a lifetime if you follow these important instructions.

Q: How do I register my new Stetson hat?

Stetson will only register hats of 100X and above quality. These hats are rare and extremely expensive and we do not currently carry any of them.

Q: Can a Stetson fur felt hat be re-sized to fit better?

No, not really. A fur felt hat can be taken down one full size, but not increased. A hat retailer might be able to stretch the hat a little, but when you stretch a hat, after a time, it will go back to its original size.

Q: What do the X's mean

The quality of the hat body used to make a hat is the main factor that determines the X's. In felt, it is determined by the percentage of furs used in making the hat body. Stetson uses beaver, mink, chinchilla and other animal fur to make bodies. The mixture of which furs we use determines the X's. In straw, the X's are also determined by the body used to make the hat. The tighter the weave and narrower the straw reed used to make the hat, the better X quality is marked in the hat.

Stetson Sizing Chart & Sizing Guide

To figure out what size you wear. You will need to find a cloth measuring tape. Measure the circumference of your head at the place where you would wear a hat. Take the measurement in inches and refer to the chart below. If you are in between two sizes, choose the bigger size. You can always pad a hat smaller.

Stetson Size Chart


Use a tape measure (or a length of string that you will have to hold up to a tape measure) to determine the length. Place the string or tape around your head about 1/8″ above your ear, across the mid-forehead, completely circling your head. Hold the tape firmly, but not too tightly. Basically you need to measure your head exactly where the hat will sit. If your measurement falls between sizes, choose the next largest size.

Stetson Warranty Information

Stetson offers no explicit warranty for their products. Stetson will generally accept returns for full-priced items within 30 days of delivery date for a refund. Stetson will not accept a return on merchandise that has been washed, worn, damaged after receipt, missing the original tags or otherwise altered. Return approval is at the discretion of our operations team. 

Stetson defects in manufacturing are extremely rare, but they will almost always offer a full refund if this is the case. Please contact us immediately if you receive damaged or defective Stetson items.

For non-warranty exchanges and returns, please see our policy here.