Well Made to be Well Worn

Minnetonka: Boots, Moccasins & Slippers made with Leather & Suede for Over 70 Years

From its beginning, Minnetonka has stood for comfort, quality, and style. Founded in 1946 as a humble gift shop, tourists traveling the open road west soon flocked to the Minnetonka moccasins shop, paying $3.80 for an exceptional pair of shoes. Even back then, Minnetonka slippers and moccasins were made of the highest quality leathers and hand stitched together. Their comfort and look soon became famous and allowed the brand to take off in popularity. Growing into a full-scale shoe company, Minnetonka has since become one of the most popular and recognized pair of moccasins in the world.


Today Minnetonka is loved by all sorts of people. The supple leather used in most of their shoes and slippers makes them amazingly soft and comfortable, without sacrificing durability and protection. They make incredible casual shoes for everyday use: supportive, cushioned, and elegant. If you're curious which moccasins or slippers to try first, we recommend starting with the Mens Classic Moc or the Women's Cally Slipper. Minnetonka also makes some of the best boots and sandals anywhere, all made with their exceptional craftsmanship and design. Minnetonka shoes are perfect for anyone seeking quality comfort and sleek style.


Our customers are often amazed by how great these shoes look and feel on their feet. Many people have never before considered wearing moccasins or other soft leather shoes, but we really recommending giving them a try. They truly are some of the most comfortable and cool looking shoes available anywhere, and many people who try them never wear any other casual shoe.

The Minnetonka Story

Since 1946, Minnetonka has been a staple of American style. Push play to meet some of the faces at Minnetonka, and go behind-the-scenes to see the hand craftsmanship and hard work that goes into each pair of Minnetonka mocs, boots and slippers.

 Questions & Tips

Q: I have allergies to latex. Is latex used in the production of your moccasins?

Latex is used in the glue to make our moccasins. If you have allergies to latex, we advise that you do not wear our products to avoid adverse reactions.

Q: What is the difference between softsole and hardsole moccasins?

Softsole indicates that the moccasin has a leather bottom and no sole. Our hardsole moccasins have either a rubber sole or crepe sole.

Q: The color from my suede product is rubbing off on my feet/clothing. What do I do to fix this? Is it safe?

Sometimes the dye from our vibrantly colored footwear can rub-off on other materials and skin. You can remove the dye on skin by gently exfoliating the area and using mild soap or by applying rubbing alcohol directly on the dyed area. Remember to take care when wearing dark or vibrant colors on or near light color fabrics.

Q: Do you offer replacement laces?

We are happy to help you secure replacement laces for any shoes purchased at OutlandUSA.com, if possible. Just reach out to us

Minnetonka Warranty

Minnetonka extends a 1-year warranty against any manufacturer defects in materials or workmanship on all products. The warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear, improper fit or slight variations in color.

For non-warranty exchanges and returns, please see our policy here.

Minnetonka Sizing Chart & Sizing Information

Minnetonka Moccasins can tend to run a bit large. If you want a snug fit, considering sizing a half to full size down and breaking them in through normal use.