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Kahtoola: Lightweight Crampons for Icy Conditions

Kahtoola's mission is simple: Make the outdoors more accessible and rewarding by building exceptional products. And for the last 20+ years, Kahtoola has achieved this through their amazing traction systems. Back in 1999, founder Danny Giovale recognized the inherent danger of hiking and climbing in the icy mountains he loved so much, and he needed a safety solution which wouldn't require him to buy expensive specialty boots. So Giovale built the very first Kahtoola Traction System, an specially designed over-the-shoe crampon, in a small family workspace. Realizing the incredible potential of his new creation, he founded Kahtoola, which creates products that get people directly where they want to go and add a new level of security and performance to lightweight flexible footwear.

A couple of decades later, and with a skilled team of associates dedicated to developing and servicing the growing but focused line of products, Kahtoola is dedicated more than ever to finding solutions that will make a difference so you can enjoy adventures in the most demanding conditions. Kahtoola crampons grip surfaces extremely well, using some of the finest materials available, like extremely wear-resistant tungsten carbide spikes used in the Kahtoola Nanospikes, which are perfect for light snow and ice. For more serious conditions, Kahtoola makes the MICROspikes or the full length K - 10 Hiking Crampons. They also make high quality shoe gaiters, like the Kahtoola Insta Gaiters. No matter where you trek, or how slippery the conditions, Kahtoola has a perfect traction solution for you.

At OutlandUSA.com, we love Kahtoola for their exceptional and comfortable designs. When it snowed heavily last winter, several of our staff used Kahtoola crampons to stay safe in the snow. Give Kahtoola a try.

How to put on your MICROspikes

 Questions & Tips

Q: What does Kahtoola mean?

The name Kahtoola (käh-too-lä) means directly in Tibetan.

Q: Does Kahtoola sponsor any causes?

Kahtoola for the People grants 1% of Kahtoolas annual sales to support indigenous cultures and fund projects that improve communities, healthcare, education and the environment. Three times a year they award grants ranging from $250 up to $10,000. To learn more or to apply, visit https://kahtoola.com/kahtoola-for-the-people/.

Kahtoola Warranty Information

For non-warranty exchanges and returns, please see our policy here.

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Kahtoola products are warrantied to the original owner only and will be replaced or repaired at Kahtoolas discretion. Warranty length:

Strech on TractionHiking CramponsGaiters
2 years 3 years 1 year

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