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Julbo: Polarized Eyewear, Goggles, & Sunglasses for Sports & Outdoors

For over 125 years, Julbo has been crafting exceptional eyewear for the most adventurous people on earth. Even back in 1888, founder Jules Baud was at the forefront of eyewear innovation, creating the world's first glasses designed for Chamonix crystal hunters wanting to protect their eyes in the mountains. Later, in 1950, when mountain climbing was gaining major popularity, Julbo would create one of the first pairs of true mountaineering glasses called the Vermont, a classic style which we still carry to this day. From there, Julbo would only continue to innovate and expand, producing exceptional googles for ski and snow sports, and sunglasses for everyday use.Throughout all of Julbo's 125 year history, it has remained independent and family owned, always delivering exceptional quality and exceptional performance.


Whether you plan on climbing a mountain, or just want a solid pair of sunglasses for daily use, Julbo is perfect for you. They use high quality and sturdy frames that sit comfortably on your face, and their lenses use advanced polarization and show colors vibrantly. Julbo sunglasses and goggles are perfect for biking, climbing, hiking, fishing, skiing, and everything in between. Some of our most popular ski goggles are the Julbo Starwind Goggles, and the Julbo Elevate Sunglasses are popular sunglasses as well. Julbo has also expanded their line to include high quality and comfortable ski and snowboarding helmets, like the Julbo Hal Helmet and Julbo The Peak Helmet.


At OutlandUSA.com, Julbo is one of our favorite brands for athletic eyewear and helmets. Few other companies have remained so true to their original purpose, and we expect Julbo to be making quality mountain gear for another 125 years. Give Julbo a try.

JULBO, from the mountains of Jura to the world...

130 years after it was founded, Julbo is still synonymous with innovation in the eyewear world. While retaining its family ethos, this independent small business continues to grow strongly, both internationally and through its new product ranges, and is now established as a benchmark and global eyewear player capable of taking on the industry's heavyweight challengers.

 Questions & Tips

Q: My lenses are dirty, how do I clean them?

Use warm water and non abrasive soap like Dawn dish soap to wash away gunk from the lens. Rinse them thoroughly and then let them air dry. They should be like new after. If your lenses have an anti-fog coating, keeping them clean will ensure optimum performance. 

Try not to ever wipe the lens if it has dirt on it. If you want to wipe your lens to get fingerprints or smudges off, only use a clean microfiber cloth.

Q: Can I replace just one Julbo lens?

Sorry, Julbo lenses only come in pairs. This keeps everything aligned and helps avoid distortion.

Q: Can I order Julbo glasses or goggles with Rx lenses?
We currently do not sell any Rx lenses directly. However, we may be able to help you order Rx lenses if you reach out to us.

Julbo Warranty and Repairs Information

For non-warranty exchanges and returns, please see our policy here.

If you believe you have a warranty claim, please reach out to us directly here.

What is covered under Julbo's Lifetime Warranty?

Julbo makes sunglasses & goggles for hardcore adventurers. That's why they back every pair of Julbos with a lifetime warranty for the original owner. If you have a manufacturing defect they'll fix them. RxLAB Prescription Julbo's have some warranty restrictions. Using non – Julbo lenses in our frames voids the warranty.

Though the warranty doesn't cover normal wear and tear such as scratched lenses, broken hinges, worn out temple arm covers, nose pads or accidental damage, they can still repair your Julbos. They also have common parts that will wear out from normal wear and tear available.

How do I get my Julbos repaired?

Reach out to us for help with the repair process.

If your Julbos need to be fixed, we recommend sending them to Julbo directly. Their experts can't wait to bring your glasses back to "like-new" standards. If the repair falls under warranty, they'll fix or replace them at no charge & return them to you. They'll do their best to repair your Julbos even if they're not covered under warranty. Once they receive your sunglasses they'll email you to let you know the cost of your repair. Please allow at least three weeks for them to complete your repair.