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With a vision for a line of high-quality, beautifully functional headwear intended for—and inspired by— art, skate, and snowboard culture, Coal Headwear blazes through an industry that dismissed headwear as an afterthought accessory. What started as a humble side hustle by founder and snowboarder Brad Scheuffele, has evolved into a respected lifestyle brand with global reach. Since the beginning, Coal has remained true to its original vision: create quality headwear for active lifestyles that fits well and lasts.


Spot a person wearing a threadbare Coal hat and chances are, they'll recall the exact moment they got it and can easily recount the many memories they've made while wearing it. Since its beginning, Coal has accompanied style-conscious athletes, adventurers, creatives, and tastemakers on endeavors that span the globe. Coal is perhaps best known for their stylish, and cozy beanies, like The Uniform Beanie or The Earl Coal Headwear Beanie. But Coal also has some amazing other hat styles, like The Coal Headwear Hauler Low Trucker Hat or The Coal Headwear Men's Spackler Bucket Hat. Coal even has a new range of amazing, washable masks. Whatever your style, Coal has some of the best hats anywhere.


At, we love Coal Headwear for their unique style and the loving attention to detail they put into every hat. Its hard not to fall in love with their amazing style; be sure to give Coal Headwear a try. 

Fall & Winter 2020 Lookbook

A short lifestyle piece showing off Coal Headwear's unique look and style for Fall & Winter 2020.

 Questions & Tips

Q: How can I tell what material each Coal Headwear hat is made of?

Coal Headwear uses a variety of different materials with unique benefits for each of their beanies and hats. The materials are:

Merino Wool


Recycled Cotton

Fine Acrylic

Silky Acrylic

Polyester Grid Fleece

The material of each Coal hat will be listed in the product description or details.

Q: What's special about Merino Wool headwear from Coal?

Merino wool aides in normalizing body temperature by supplying warmth without being too hot and by wicking away moisture. Like other natural fibers, Merino is water absorbent, however even when wet it holds onto heat, therefore you wont get cold after getting soaked from rain or sweat. Merino contains Lanolin, which has antibacterial properties. With its naturally insulating, moisture wicking and antibacterial assets Merino wool is an exceptional choice for performance fabric.

Q: What's special about Merino Wool headwear from Coal?

Lambswool fibers are shorter than other wool, which makes the fibers softer. This creates a yarn that is plush and more silky in-hand, making it a great material for beanies.

Q: What's special about Recycled Cotton headwear from Coal?

Our recycled cotton yarn comes from a mill that specializes in repurposing waste from the apparel manufacturing process. The yarn is spun from re-milled fabric scraps and clippings. The base color of the original material is retained therefore less dyes and chemicals are used in the process. The yarn has a subtle heathered effect due to the mix of different scraps.

Q: What's special about Acrylic headwear from Coal?

Fine acrylic yarn is both durable and soft. Acrylic is a great alternative to wool; it is non-itchy but like wool it is very warm and can be used in variety of different styles.

Silky acrylic differs from regular acrylic, in that during the yarn spinning process it goes through additional steps to impart the yarn with amazing softness, a silky texture, and a bit of sheen.

Q: What's special about Polyester Grid Fleece headwear from Coal?

Our polyester grid fleece is used in the face panel of The Squatch Hood. This specially made material features a plush inside fleece pile. The grid pattern around the fleece is a lightweight jersey knit which allows for better air circulation and breathability while the fleece component keeps the face warm and protected.

Q: Are any Coal Headwear products made in the USA?
Yes! Many of the hats and beanies we sell are made in the USA by top manufactures. Check the product description to see for sure if the hat is made in the USA.

Coal Headwear Size Chart & Sizing Information


While fitting your head is not an exact science, use this guide and size table below to determine which size/style is right for you. Using a flexible tape measure, start at your forehead above your eyebrows, bring the tape measure around the back until it comes together at your forehead again. If you dont have a flexible tape measure, a string and ruler can be used instead. Once you have your measurements, refer to the chart below for sizing.



21 1/2" – 21 7/8"

Hat Size

6 7/8 – 7


55cm – 56cm



22 1/4" – 22 7/8"

Hat Size

7 1/8 – 7 1/4


57cm – 58.5cm



23" – 23 5/8"

Hat Size

7 3/8 – 7 1/2


59cm – 60.5cm

Coal Headwear Warranty Information

For non-warranty exchanges and returns, please see our policy here.

Coal believes that quality always comes first. They stand behind what they make, and want to ensure youre satisfied. If you believe your purchase has been impacted by manufacturing defects, please contact us here.