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Western Mountaineering: Real Sleeping Bags Made to Be Waterproof & Windproof

On the coldest nights and in the harshest environments, Western Mountaineering sleeping bags are there to keep you warm, dry, and happy. Over 30 years ago two northern California mountaineers, Gary Schaezlein and Jeff Jones, set out to create the best sleeping bag they could with a vision of uncompromising excellence.  From the beginning, every sleeping bag they created was made using the finest materials, meticulous design, and unsurpassed workmanship.   


Over the years, Western Mountaineering has continued their vision of excellence, and has constantly improved and refined their design.  Now offering over 30 different models, they have a sleeping bag for any event, outing, or expedition requiring the warmest and lightest bags. They have fantastic and versatile solutions for hiking, camping, backpacking, and mountain climbing, offering the perfect bag for each adventure. If you're looking for an extremely lightweight, compressible bag, check out the Western Mountaineering Ultralite Sleeping Bag. For the absolute coldest conditions, the Cypress GWS Sleeping Bag can keep you warm down to around -30 degrees. Almost every bag is made built with a water repellent finish and responsibly sourced down, making them unbelievably soft, warm, and comfortable.


The people who rely on Western Mountaineering bags, swear by them, and we've heard that once you try their sleeping bags, it is hard not to fall in love. We carry a wide variety of Western Mountaineering bags, perfect for nearly any activity you can imagine. If you need help choosing the right bag for you, feel free to reach out to us with questions, or check the FAQ bellow.

 Questions & Tips

Q: Will my bag be ruined if I keep it compressed?

Contrary to popular belief, bags stored compressed can get their loft back as long as they were stored dry. NEVER store a bag wet. If you accidentally store a bag compressed, take it out and shake it vigorously. If the down is very compacted try putting it in the dryer on no heat with tennis balls. If this still does not fully get the loft back the down may be clumped due to moisture and dirt from use and is in need of washing.

Q: What does ethically sourced goose down mean?

The goose down used in Western Mountaineering sleeping bags and clothing is sourced from a mother goose farm in Eastern Europe.  This means geese dont live their life in confinement and the plumage is gathered from their nesting area.  This results in better quality down and ensures the welfare of the geese.

Q: How often should I wash my bag?

Washing frequency depends greatly on the user and is usually necessary after approximately 30 nights of use. As you use your bag dirt and moisture becomes trapped in the down causing the loft to depreciate. This will make the bag look flat and unlofted. Depreciated loft reduces the insulation of the bag making it sleep colder. This is a sign that the bag is ready to be laundered.

Q: How do I fix zipper problems?

To avoid damaging your zipper, make sure to always align the bottom of the zipper before sliding up. Do so by checking to make sure the tapes at the bottom of the zipper of even. If you have zipped your zipper up properly and the coils do not stay attached (zipper bursts open) then your slider is probably worn out. To fix this in the field pinch your slider so that the two halves the zipper coil slides through are closer together. This is only a temporary fix as the worn out slider will become loose again. Replacing sliders is very easy to do. If you think you need a replacement slider please email us and we would be happy to mail you a new slider set with instructions!

Western Mountaineering Warranty

All Western Mountaineering products are guaranteed against manufacturers defects for an unlimited time. Should a product fail due to a defect in materials or craftsmanship, they will, at their option, repair or replace the item at no cost to the original owner. They will make the determination of what will be covered under warranty at the time that they inspect the product. This guarantee does not cover normal wear and tear, misuse, or improper laundering. This guarantee does not cover accidental punctures, tears, rips, burn holes, damage by rodents, or deterioration of the materials caused by excessive sunlight exposure, mold or chemicals. They will not repair a product if we determine that it isnt clean. They will ONLY repair sleeping bags that have been thoroughly laundered or are otherwise received in very clean condition.

Please note: Heavily soiled or dirty sleeping bags will not be accepted for repair. 

For non-warranty exchanges and returns, please see our policy here.

Western Mountaineering Sizing Chart

Sleeping Bags

WM builds their bags to fit the height stated, for example a 6 ft person should perfectly fit in a 6 ft bag. Many people prefer to have a few inches of wiggle room so users might prefer one size larger. For width, we try our best to include interior dimensions in the item descriptions, but if you are concerned feel free to reach out to us and we can provide more accurate measurements. The chest measurement is taken at the widest part of the bag, the hip measurement is half way down the body of the bag and the foot measurement is around the widest part of the footbox. 

Jackets & Vest Sizes Mens/Unisex

XS33″-34″ / 81-84cm27″-29″ / 69-73cm30″ / 76cm
SM35″ – 36″/ 88-92cm28″ – 30″ / 70-76cm31″ / 76cm
MD37″-40″ / 94-100cm30″-34″ / 78-86cm32″/ 79cm
LG40″-44″ / 102-110cm34″-39″ / 88-100cm33″ / 81cm
XL44″-48″ /112-120cm39″-44″ /102-110cm34″ / 84cm

Jackets & Vest Sizes Womens

XS26″-30″ / 66-76cm24″-28″ / 61-71cm28″-34″ / 71-86cm29″ / 73cm
SM30″-34″ / 76-86cm26″-32″ / 66-81cm32″-36″ / 79-91cm30″ / 76cm
MD34″-38″ / 86-96cm32″-36″ / 81-91cm34″-38″ / 86-96cm31″ / 79cm
LG38″-42″ / 96-106cm34″-38″ / 86-96cm36″-41″ / 91-104cm32″ / 81cm

Pants Sizes Unisex

XS22″-26″30″-34″ / 76-86cm30″ / 76cm
SM26″-30″ / 66-76cm34″-38″ / 86-96cm31″ / 79cm
MD30″-34″ / 76-86cm38″-42″ / 96-106cm32″ / 81cm
LG34″-38″ / 86-96cm42″-46″ / 106-116cm33″ / 81cm
XL38″-42″ / 96-106cm46″-49″ / 116-124cm34″ / 84cm

Booties Sizing Chart

U.S. &Canada Men3 1/244 1/255 1/266 1/277 1/288 1/2910 1/211 1/212 1/214
U.S. &Canada Women55 1/266 1/277 1/288 1/299 1/21010.512131415.5
Inches99 1/89 1/49 3/89 1/29 5/89 3/49 7/81010 1/810 1/410 1/210 3/41111 1/411 1/2
Europe3535 1/2363737 1/23838 1/23940414243444546 1/248 1/2
U.K. Men33 1/244 1/255 1/266 1/277 1/288 1/210111213 1/2
U.K. Women2 1/233 1/244 1/255 1/266 1/277 1/289 1/210 1/211 1/213
Australia Men33 1/244 1/255 1/266 1/277 1/288 1/210111213 1/2
AustraliaWomen3 1/244 1/255 1/266 1/277 1/288 1/2910 1/211 1/212 1/214
Japan Men21.52222.52323.52424.52525.52626.527.528.529.530.531.5
Japan Women2121.52222.52323.52424.52525.5262728293031
Korea (mm.)228231235238241245248251254257260267273279286292